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11 key facts about Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz marriage – What you never knew!

11 key facts about Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz marriage - What you never

Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz: Social media was set ablaze days back when Tee Billz decided to seek solace on Instagram and shed very deep secrets about his marriage to his wife and Mavin diva, Tiwa Savage. What he posted and response from fans worldwide, prompted Tiwa to come up and share her own side of the story. While many are saying Tiwa’s response seemed stage, and the video was just a plot to make Tee Billz look like the ‘terrible one’ in the marriage, we have come up with a summary of  Tiwa and Billz marriage.


These facts are in relation to both sides of the story but mostly on Tiwa’s emotional-ridden 45 minutes video which she released yester-night (Click here) to watch.

1) Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz marriage was never built on love – Yes, I said so. From her video, she said that, her marriage to Billz was kind of a rush because she was getting old and really needed to settle down with a man. Also, at some point in Billz Instagram rant, he made mention of Tiwa’s mum using juju on him. Love or Luck portion?



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  1. tosin says

    Omo ale lobinrin o. Women are bastards.

    1. Cathy says

      Dt includes ur mum!

      1. ade says

        Nice reply………lol

    2. vicky says

      Including your mom right

  2. sandra says

    Tosin shut up okay,lazy husband

  3. Ure says

    Pls pray for Tiwa instead of judging her. It's never easy dealing with a broken relationship/ marriage

  4. Beshanti says

    My dear u ve no right judging anyone's marriage. .I can only imagine the negative psychological effect this is having on both parties….no one can really give facts about this situation. .truth and lies plays out diffrent 2 diffrent individuals…they are obviously both depressed and need encouragement …so when next u decide 2 compose stuff think as a reasonable human being and not one only intrested in how many pips get 2 read their blog and compose words of encouragement. …seriously some of Y'all bloggers need a chill pill

    1. poshia pearls says

      Tee bills was a divorcee who left 2 or more kids and their mums to be with tiwa savage,so why are we surprised his marriage crashed with tiwa? That's just the trend for the celebs,get married,divorce,get married and divorce repeated all over again,trust me we've seen this coming right from the start!!!

  5. freda says

    I'm really surprised at this particular statement, if I heard well, I heard tiwa say she didn't see with any one aside from her husband, she said not don jazzy, not Dr did not tuface or any other man, poster/ writer do u have selective hearing

  6. okafor oluwaseun says

    Tiwa the lord is ur strength,he will see u thru…..i understand wht u ar going thru,jst be strong 4 ur son okay!

    1. poshia pearls says

      Why do we always call God into something God isn't involved with in the first place? Let's be real please,we call God in the middle of problems but we never allow Him to take charge from the beginning,we assume we know all and shouldn't involve Him,God doesn't jump into a situation He isn't needed,He minds His own business ,anyone who needs God should involve Him in their lives and stop being instrumental in propagating the kingdom of darkness

  7. Kevwe says

    As i was opening this link a part of me knew this would be nonsense. Did u watch the interview or you were eavesdropping on people gisting about it.These aren't facts, they are pure speculation and FYI, Tiwa explicitly stated that she didn't sleep with any of those men. Whether that is true or not, we don't know. Get your facts straight and stop trying to tarnish the woman's image. I'm going to take everything i read here from now on out with a grain of salt. You bloggers are always posting trash for traffic

    1. Ify says

      Informant are u confused or something? She never said teebillz never got her anything. What she said is since she gave birth to Jamil he never bought anything for her son or her especially her son.

  8. Chyso Makeovers says

    You must be really crazy for posting these rubbish about Tiwa. Silly blogger

    1. poshia Pearls says

      Please let's be real and move on for all this drama,am sick of people drying their wet undies in the open,gosh!!! Who ever said all this celebs cares for marriage and its sanctity? They see it as contracts nothing more,they are together when all is okay,and when its over,they just move on as if nothing happens,because to them they've never been committed,so can we all grow up and don't pretend as if we don't know what's up with celebrities and their ploys for fame and all? Whatever they do is their business,I could care less,so should everyone because they themselves don't give a thrash about it

  9. gloma cakes says

    I believe no one is perfect, I tink dey should just sit and talk tins over .

  10. buymore by Lulupee says

    It’s not about getting married but it’s about staying married. Marriage is not wat we just go into over nit or wat we do cos we r getting old, we need to understand why we r getting married, d facts about getting married n as a woman we have to let go our pride be strong n playful, even if u can’t pray for long u still say FATHER LORD OPEN MY EYE TO SEE THINGS I DON’T KNW ABOUT MY HUBBY not call him wen u have made a mistake. Tiwa I can understand how u two r feeling but u can do dis on ur own, u can give him every things money can buy but for FATHERLY LOVE money can never buy it. Pls have a rethink

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