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12 Major reasons why Nigerian men get married (With Pictures)

Reasons why Nigerian men get married

Reasons why Nigerian men get married – Many people have different reasons for getting married and it is not always because of love. Women have been so labelled in the society it is difficult for them not to be tagged with a scandal. When people hear about a known ‘big girl’ getting married to some guy, they naturally spring up tales about the union and even create theories on what led to the marriage and all.


Since women are always pinpointed every now and then, it would be interesting to look into the various reasons why Nigerian men get married.

We would also shock you by not adding love to the reasons we would be giving you. Without wasting much time, find below some of the things we were able to collate as to the reasons why Nigerian men get married:

12. The joy of wearing ‘anko’

Nigerian men get married

Some Nigerian men get married because they want to have someone to share clothes with. If you are a Nigerian, then you would understand that it is lovely seeing couples wear the same cloth to a party. We are not talking about the type that wears ‘anko’ and puts the entire family on ‘okada’.

Do you think we missed out any other reason? Let us know in the comment section.



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