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12 Sexy things celebs have revealed about their bedroom exploits (With Pictures)

11. Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton (and Brad Pitt)

Way back when she was married to Billy Bob and made a habit of displaying raunchy kisses and hands all over the place in public, Angelina and Billy Bob did “it” in the back of a limo. This was in 2000 on the way to the MTV Awards. We know this because Angelina made a point of announcing it on the red carpet. Rumors of sex dungeons with Billy Bob even continue to circulate. And Brad? Well, to begin with, she apparently likes to wear her Maleficent horns in bed. Well, okay, we get the devil thing. The old Angie?  The wild child who locked lips with her brother seems long gone. But wait. Wasn’t she spotted shopping in Coco De Mer, the infamous London sex shop? Brad, ever the gentleman, only admits that she is no angel in bed. Must be those horns . . . And then there are all those rumors of bisexuality.



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