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15 celebrities who aren’t afraid to go naked.., Anytime, any day! (With Pictures)

Celebrities Who Aren't Afraid To Go Naked

Celebrities who aren’t afraid to go naked – Аh, celebrities. We just can’t seem to get enough of them, in any shape, way or form. But there’s just something so intriguing about celebrity nudity. Forget the s*x tapes guys; that’s so 90s. We’re talking about a new craze brought to us by the wonders of technology – (almost) naked photos on Instagram.


And while common people like yourself might get their account deleted for such a picture, the likes of Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj make millions off of it. And no one’s complaining! With the arrival of social networks into the modern society, many opportunities for money making were born.

Celebrities found a clever way to utilize these tools, and make themselves, well, even more rich and famous. In the superficial reality that we live in, physical appearance has become God, and no one can get away with an “unsuitable” body. And while all people aspire to “look good naked”, it is only a few who pull it off. The pop stars are trying to show us that they do indeed have flawless bodies, and attracted by the powers of sexual appeal; we gladly give our attention. The “skin showing” comes in many levels. Sometimes it’s just a butt cheek sneak peak; sometimes a nipple pops up here and there. Nevertheless, a provocative celebrity photo never fails to cause a stir in the public. Today we give you a list of the champions in this game. Brace yourselves for some serious drooling.

15. Megan Fox


Since her breakout role in Transformers, Megan has been infesting the minds of many men of planet Earth. It seems that her sexiness is just out of this world! This hot young actress noticed the attention and the interest within the male population, and kindly decided to give us a closer look into her finely-proportioned body. She posed as a lingerie model for none other than Giorgio Armani. To the delight of many, there are even some fully nude photos floating around the murky waters of the internet. Thanks for existing Megan, that’s all we can say!



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