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15 Filthy rich celebrities who were once homeless (With Pictures)

Filthy rich celebrities who were once homeless

Rich celebrities who were once homeless – Celebrities have lives that most of us only dream of. The clothes, the tabloids, the cars, the big houses and fans. They seem to have everything that money can buy, and so do their closest friends and family. There are tons of TV shows and news articles about famous people’s amazing mansions, cars, and their staggeringly high net worths.


There is a kind of romance to their wealth, and their status that we love to read and gossip about. We tend to imagine our favorite celebs as always having been successful, wealthy, and the type of people we want to be. It can be hard to imagine the most successful of them ever being less than wealthy, perfect, and dressed in clothes most of us could never afford. But most of our favorite celebs didn’t start off wealthy or famous. A large portion of the big names in acting, music, and sports began their lives as regular people just like you and me.

Some of them started even lower.

Many celebrities grew up incredibly poor. There are celebrities that grew up in tiny houses with no heat, in the projects, or with no food. Some of them were even homeless. The drive to get themselves and their families out of the poor house and into the good life might be part of what got them where they are today. So how many of our favorite actors and actresses grew up on the streets or in the projects? Many more than you might believe.

15. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger is household name. Everyone knows who he is, and that he is worth millions. He’s been in tons of movies, shows, body building competitions, and was even a governor in the state of California. But it wasn’t always so. Arnold, who was born in Austria, came to the U.S. in search of a better life. He had nothing to his name when he got here. However, after a little luck and some money came his way through his bricklaying business, he managed to win some body building competitions and make himself quite the acting career. A classic story of rags to big riches.



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