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19 Sexiest female celebrities who’ve slept with the most men (With Pictures)

Female Celebrities Who’ve Slept With the Most Men

Female celebrities who’ve slept with the most men – What do you do when you are good-looking, successful, and on the scene in Hollywood? Well, if you are like any other women on our list, then you have some fun (if you know what we’re talking about). This is our ranking of 20 Sexiest Hollywood Female Celebrities Who’ve Slept With the Most Men. You may be wondering why we would make such a list, but it is quite interesting to see the rankings and celebs, because I assure you some of these names are shocking.


For instance, we have women who are heading into their golden years, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have thing or two to teach those younger lassies. Dolly Parton and Sharon Stone are just a couple of the mature cougars that we have included. Then we have some that you might suspect, such as Demi Moore and Halle Berry. These women have had a few marriages and divorces between them, so they seem like a good fit for our list. We also have younger gals, such as Alexa Bliss of the WWE, actressMegan Fox, and the lovely Jessica Biel.

Marriage is no longer something that holds people back in our society. Celebrity swingers have gained a lot more prominence in recent years, and it really doesn’t surprise too many people anymore. So sit back and get ready to learn a bit more about these sexy sirens of movies, music, and television. Hey, isn’t it time that we supported our sexually-liberated female heroines? It is time to usher in the fourth wave of feminism, and perhaps these celebs will take the helm.

19. Sharon Stone

She is gorgeous, she is accomplished, and yes, she may be a bit older (we like to say “more mature”) but Sharon Stone is a hot female celebrity and she is said to have been with a large number of sexual partners during her day. Sharon married Michael Greenburg in the late 1980s, but split a few years later. Sharon then whisked William J. MacDonald away from his wife, and Sharon and William were engaged for a year, then Sharon was engaged to Bob Wagner for what seemed like a minute. After that failed, she then she was married Phil Bronstein for about 5 years. Now she’s a self-identified bi-sexual Buddist, at least she’s got plenty of times in the bedroom to look back on!



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