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6 Interesting facts about dating Yoruba boys

Facts about dating Yoruba boys

Facts about dating Yoruba boys – By now I am sure you must have seen different posts and screenshots with Yoruba boys being labelled as demons that would jump into your life with their flowing ‘agbadas’. Oblivious to this, Yoruba boys are not as evil as most people have painted them to be. They are just good looking guys from a well cultured part of Nigeria.


We understand you may have personal beef for them as they are most ladies’ favorites with their unending uniqueness and ‘swags’. But the populace as a whole does not give Yoruba boys much choice when it comes to their heart-breaking moves. Ladies seem to be all over them and do not give them the chance to miss other ladies who sashayed out of their lives.

Lol, do not shoot me. That was on a lighter note. But as a matter of fact, these guys are irresistible. Ask any lady around you about her love history and there is bound to be some ‘Femi’, ‘Kunle’, or ‘Wale’ in her life.

Let us move on from here and see the interesting part of dating Yoruba boys:

6. They are ‘repping in-laws’

Your brother turns up in the city where you live and he is stuck staying at home watching football alone? This would NEVER happen when you are married to a Yoruba boy. You know how they say ‘Gbogbo aiye foreign’, they are going to give him a swell time you would be so proud of being married to them.

If you behave well you are going to be a partaker of that fun. My sister, ‘make head stand still’ and enjoy being with a Yoruba boy. Winks.



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  1. Tunde says

    Nice wan Jare, we rock. – Tunde

  2. odiri says

    Dumbest post ever….mtchewwww

    1. Muniz says

      I agree

    2. Muniz says

      So dumb the article makes m wha to throw up. Mtchewwwe

  3. leemzy_posh says

    lolx hmmm this ix cool boo is a yoruba dope, cute and humble, he troubles mi a lot but his fun tu b wit..And also it takes strong heart geh to date a yoruba guy bcus sometin if dey hurt u tat moment u will feel like quitting..dey r cool all d way

  4. jimi says

    Lool…..we too hot! Fadejimi

  5. Nasa says

    Loool… the writer of this must be very cocky… but it's very funny though. Never dated a YoruBAD guy but I have a couple of them as friends, they come very handy when I need some 'Yoruba to English' or 'English to Yoruba' translations…. Lol. You'd be surprised how much of the language I've learnt from my YoruBAD friends… Hehehe

  6. Femi says

    We cool, we frosh, we cultured, we brainy, we friendly, we love d act of Mr romantic.

  7. Oluseun says

    Chaiii, see our brothers from anoda beefing us.. I swear, n proud to b a Yorba dude.. Seun aka shaywenzo

  8. ogo says

    All this causes u re yoruba… have dated a yoruba guy and it’s so far from wat u posted…

  9. Michael says

    Yoruba guys are cool and loving but they get mad but they get mad sometimes they are the best among tribes.

  10. tunde Ogunsanya says

    We are unique and different from other tribe bcos we’re cultured and very Accommodating. U can ask Chioma nd Awa

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