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Top 15 celebrity wardrobe malfunctions on the Beach – #1 will leave you in stitches! (With Pictures)


Celebrity wardrobe malfunctions – Beaches are a wonderful place. Naturally appealing and infinitely relaxing due to the seemingly magical sound of waves crashing over and over again, having fun on the beach is as natural a phenomenon as any we can think of. Of course, this list isn’t concerned with any of that, as we’re more interested in the fact that gaggles of gorgeous girls find their way there every year, only covered in small stitches of fabric.


It, therefore, stands to reason, that when hot celebrities, who are always hounded by legions of photographers, spend time amongst the sand and water, some pretty great photos result. It may be embarrassing for the celebs in question, that so many of them have had their bikinis and swimsuits momentarily stop completely covering the naughty bits, but who else is complaining? For this list, we’re cataloging some of the best snaps were taken of famous ladies on the beach while their outfits have malfunctioned.

15. Carrie Prejean

A former beauty queen and model that won a reign as Miss California USA in 2009 and was the first runner-up to Miss USA 2009, she had her titles taken away for “alleged breaches of contract”. Although a solo sex tape that was released was a big part of the reason for her dismissal, it was her infamous answer to a question about same-sex marriages that got the ball rolling. Carrie was asked about same-sex marriage and her reply was far from popular. Although she said it was great that people can choose, she also stated that her family believes “that marriage should be between a man and a woman”, “no offense to anybody out there”. Seen here in the water with her beau, her bikini top has slid just enough that one of her nipples is nearly entirely exposed.



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