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Wizkid comes hard on Linda Ikeji – Defiles her pictures – Linda won’t be happy with this!

Wizkid insults Linda Ikeji, says his director slept with her in a hotel and dumped her 700x362

Wizkid comes hard on Linda Ikeji: This kind war ehn! After Linda Ikeji replied Wizkid with an article, Wizkid went back to  Instagram to drop these new comments and he also went on  Snapchat to mock her. Apparently, Wizkid wasn’t following Linda on IG before. He finally just did. Lmao See some of the post..






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  1. reina says

    Na wah ooo.. I think it's due time wizkid removed that kid from his name or stage name wahever the name is to him.

    1. Uche says

      With all his millions in de bank and exposure, still talking like a senseless boy. I feel sorry for Linda. Let her just ignore the small boy n enjoy her money. Talk is cheap !!!

  2. chylink designer says

    She is just doing his job,u are giving quick notice on the house u rented is not a reason for u to insult her all because u want to cover up,

  3. chylink designer says

    Remember u gat nothing but fake money and fake life,u are just a common star trying to to have sex with any girl u see on ur trap

  4. MEPO says

    mehn! wizkid or what eva d fuck u call yur self….get a life boy. You both sld STOP dis hate already. washing ur dity linens outside isn't sexy at all…

  5. yemmy says

    Take a look @ it like this, if to say na u I go do pass this, pls Vote for my sis AKINTOJUYE GLADYS…. God bless you as you do this

  6. Khendra says


  7. Enaz Creativity Decor says

    Do you know how it hurt for someone to seat somewhere and trying to spoil ur name? What's with Linda. Wizkid it's okay just stop. I av enjoyed ur insult to her. She deserve it

  8. dee bee says

    We r all humans. No 1 likes to be put down the way she did wiz kid. And all u screaming at wiz kid u will do worse than he's doing. If she was minding her business this won't happen. Since it's her job she should just sick it up. Besides where you there when he bought or dint buy his house…

    1. Louxera says

      May i remind you that her not minding her business is what puts food on her table and also its what got her a mansion

      All she did was state facts and wiz boy(obviously still a baby) comes out to insult her even to d extent of draggin ha family c'mon man dats way too far

  9. Taul says

    Both of em just making stories and business for bloggers! Some real contents to write about. As for me,I'm just enjoying the show while I mind my business

  10. Jay says

    Linda deserves it…she started everything. .since she got a house it just seems to her like everybody r tenants..she won't even stress to explain all those on her article if wiz kid wasn't right..

  11. kenny says

    Y is aunty Linda always aving issues with d entertainers is sh d only blogger tho wizkid myt b aving problem nw wch I dnt evn believe aunty Linda Bt dos sh knw wat will happen 2 her in d future as well cus sh gat all nw dosnt mean sh cnt beg 2mao aunty Linda b careful ooo wizkid go beat u ooo remember dammykrane lol

  12. milly says

    Wizkid give her some more,she derives joy painting people black so let dis boy paint her black too.nawa oh,she deserves it full tym

  13. ciejae says

    Wizkid… obviously a kid… how many times have u seen dbanj or anyother recently defamed grown artist join words with a blogger… grow up kid. U ranting like a woman. That sucks real bad.

  14. Val says


  15. Esty says

    Linda should pls stop bn the carrier of bad news and stop posting anything as related to wizkid. Linda should be matured enough to know this. I believe Wizkid will stop immediately Linda stops.

  16. Richards Lauren says

    It's obvious u are throughly a kid

    1. Jaray says

      Which university did u attend

  17. Run says

    Linda made d post look like mockery. She wasn't official with it all. Guess she really wanted it this way.

  18. DC says

    You called Wizkid a boy. You will die poor

  19. D'jAnGo says

    It’s truly and not throughly, olodo

  20. toyin folashade says

    Please you both should stop the fighting God loves you and as for wizkid u are manner less u just have to control it okay. No matter what may went wrong u just have to respect her as a lady I guess u don't have mother and sister @ home.

    1. izsticks says

      @toyin so if sum1 decide to spoil ur name, u will b mute bcos he/she is lady or guy coz u have brothers and sisters or father and [email protected] Ur comment is just too childish coz am sure if u ar in his shoe u wil do worse.

  21. Austin says

    U people should just stop….2 wrongs can't make a right and hey! people shouldn't make this get worse by making harsh and insulting comments. Rather say things that will help them stop insulting themselves more in public.

    1. Papiouz says

      Wetin concern u …are u related to any of dem …..Abi any of dem knw or Don help u b4…omo rest joor

  22. D'jAnGo says

    Polish up ur English before typing cheap shit

  23. James says

    I don't know how it started,however;saying a woman has stinking p**** is a total disrespect to a woman

  24. Papiouz says

    Omo linda u fuck up to say d truth. ..hw are we sure sef say u buy 500m haws…cos na still online we dey see everything..And na u dey post most of dem.

  25. bini says

    Mumu linda, there are some gist tha u just have to mute and not talk about, not all u see you expose!!!! She deserves it … If I were to be dayo will hit her hard , very hard…

  26. Jemima o Michael says


  27. saby says

    Na wa oooooo. I beg u guys should just stop all dis pls

  28. oluchi says

    They re in love with each other…they don't want 2 admit it

  29. Zillyee says

    Linda easy with story u no take your eye see nd for real who cares about your sex life if u didn't sleep with his director just say so nd leave long story of celibacy.

  30. Akinola says

    @wizkid or wat u call urself…. U r a silly child, Linda z doing her job but bcos she's saying d truth u took it up.

  31. Anony says

    Wizkid or Wizman whichever fits you now don't you think you have attacked this girl Linda too bad. Stop and retract those p***** stuff. Its too much of a disrespect to her. She hasn't insulted you all the while. Please better stop!

  32. Majeed says

    Wizkid reaction is too childish abeg……they carry worst news about dbanj but he didn't pick at anybody.that's maturity…..Linda blogs and that's what blogging is all about

  33. tgirl says

    I hate wizkid with passion….

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