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10 Countries that has the worst censorship law (With Pictures)


Countries that has the worst censorship law

Countries that has the worst censorship law – Have you experienced being grounded and not allowed to go anywhere (aside from school and home) because you keep on breaking the rules? Those were the days when everything felt like you were isolated inside a cage, right? However, those rules were just established simply because it was for your own good.


Being deprived of something you love really sucks – even if you are just restricted for a period of time. But can you imagine living the rest of your life being grounded, being ordered to do the things you are not fond of merely because you still have to consider and abide by the strict rules that were set? Can you imagine being put behind the bars even if you only did what was needed to be done because it was job? Would it be okay for you to be jailed for seeking the transparency that you deserve to know? Can you envision yourself living in one of the countries where the rights of their people are being shut down and restricted by their government, just for the sake of protecting the country’s sociological perspective?

According to the Reporters Without Borders’ 2016 Press Freedom Index, 10% of all 180 countries are strictly censored by their government. How? Here is the list of the most secretive countries and how they are being censored:

10. Cuba


Constantly near the bottom of the Press Freedom Index, Cubastrictly forbids news and information being published on televisions, newspapers and other media outlets that are against the government. Journalists who publicize information that oppose the government would face criminal charges.

Privately-owned media outlets are considered illegal. Freedom of speech and journalism is not allowed unless they coordinate with the intended goals of their country – that is to achieve a socialist government.

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