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Top 10 Romantic pictures of military weddings in Nigeria

Romantic pictures of military weddings in Nigeria

Romantic pictures of military weddings in Nigeria – Getting married to someone in the military in Nigeria is a very beautiful thing. Firstly, most of them get married in grand style and the ceremony is always different from the usual wedding ceremonies in Nigeria. After attending a couple of weddings in which either of the couple is an officer in the military system, one may start to get used to the program and how it is being run. A military wedding is not what we see every day, yet one cannot help but admire the couples and the way the other officers celebrate them.


The allure that comes with walking down the aisle with a man dressed in military regalia is simply unimaginable. It is quite impossible for one to attend a military wedding and not have your heart swell with pride when you see the couple emerge.

One cannot also overrule the fact that you may go green with envy or jealousy when you see how cute the couples are. Even though we know the officer getting married is most likely to dress in the ceremonial way, we still look forward to seeing them all the same. Find below some pictures gotten from military weddings in Nigeria:

10. They are honorable men

amazing pictures from military weddings in Nigeria



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  1. Dotun says

    Passionate ke?maybe exceptional cases.admin,if I hear!!!!the harassment,intimidation and beating starts when they get home…abeg!honourable my feet

    1. wolfgericardo says

      Ignorance. Soilders are not allowed to beat their wives… It’s an actual rule. You could get in serious trouble if she reports you. I even hear their salaries get paid into her account from then on.

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