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14 Hollywood celebrities who’ve contracted the virus disease ‘herpes’ (With Pictures)

celebrities who've contracted the virus disease 'herpes'

Celebrities who’ve contracted the virus disease ‘herpes’ – Herpes is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases and can infect the lips, or worse, the genitals. But what exactly is herpes and how can it be identified? Well, oral herpes supposedly infects between 50 and 80% of the adult population! The more mild version of this disease entails cold sores or fever blisters on or around the lips.


They may be very small, but they can also be painful and may disappear in as little as 3 days or last for longer periods of time. Sexual interactions or even just kissing can easily distribute the herpes virus from one person to another, so it can spread very easily. That is why so many people have been infected by it!

As for genital herpes, this one is a sexually transmitted disease that currently has no cure. Even so, with the right treatment and a careful, healthy lifestyle, it can be easily treated and managed. Flu-like symptoms and sores on one’s genitals are tell-tale signs of this form of herpes. And even though it can be easily handled, it is super easy to spread, especially if you are practicing unprotected sex. In fact, some 500,000 people are diagnosed with this infection each year in the United States alone.

So, enough with the gross part of all of this. Let’s get to our list of 14 Hollywood Celebrities Who Are Rumored To Have Contracted Herpes. While nothing may be set in stone for these celebs, the odds are that they have contracted either oral or genital herpes.

14. Jessica Alba

Via Bigstock Images

She dated Derek Jeter back in the day, who is said to have given herpes to her. Way to go, dude. Jessica Alba is one of the most gorgeous females on the entire planet, not just in Hollywood, so for her to have been infected by her ex-boyfriend sucks. Oh well, she has still managed to always looks absolutely beautiful and she has two healthy and lovely children, so we would say that she is doing quite well for herself. She was even spotted looking happy and lovey-dovey with her beau, Cash Warren, in Aspen. Looks like she’s the one hitting home runs!



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