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14 Shocking photos that prove Kim Kardashian’s butt is completely fake

9. Looking a Little Fuller

Taken in February of 2010, Kim Kardashian’s butt is starting to appear a little fuller in the above photo. The tight clinched black midi dress shows off a booty that is looking a lot more shapely. Given the size of her legs and her butt, this booty growth could be due to hard work in the gym – so she may or may not have already had a little work done at this point.


8. Looking a Lot Fuller

Taken in April 2011, Kim’s butt in this photo appears to have nearly doubled in size in comparison to her 2010 butt. Her thighs are much smaller than her rear end, which would lead us to believe that this butt was not achieved in the gym, because just like you can’t ‘spot reduce’ you can’t ‘spot grow’ either. Kim faced such heavy scrutiny about her growing ASSet that she addressed the rumor in an episode ofKeeping Up With The Kardashians. To get critics off her back, Kim had an x-ray taken of her butt to prove that she didn’t have implants. Although, it was a nice effort, a Brazilian butt lift, which is a procedure where fat is taken from other places in the body and transferred to, the butt area would not show up on an x-ray. During the episode, Kim said: “Can we x-ray Kourtney’s boobs, so we can see what an implant looks like?” It was kind of a rude dig, but at least Kourtney owns up to the work she’s had done and that’s what why the fans respect her.



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