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15 Real life people with unbelievable superpowers – You’ll be surprised to see this! (With Pictures)

12. Sonar Vision – Daniel Kish and Ben Underwood

You know how Daredevil is able to “see” and gauge his surroundings even though he’s technically blind? Like a bat, he’s able to see shapes and objects as sound bounces off them, giving him sonar vision. Daniel Kish and Ben Underwood both possess the same ability, and are able to use echolocation to such a degree that they’re able to “see” using sound even though they’ve both been blind since childhood. Both Daniel Kish and Ben Underwood had their eyes removed early on in life due to cancer. But in a strange turn of events, their sense of sound seemed to have been dialed up to 11. Using a series of clicking noises with their tongue, both Daniel and Ben are able to use echolocation, an ability used by bats and whales, to lead normal lives. In fact, Daniel Kish is so good at it that he’s often hired by other blind people to assist them in getting around.

Sadly, Ben Underwood passed away in 2009 due to a reemergence of the same cancer that cost him his eyes, leaving Daniel Kish as the only known human being in the world who has the ability to use echolocation.


11. The Animal Whisperer – Kevin Richardson

You’ve seen Cesar Milan the dog whisperer, but in all due respect, Kevin Richardson is on a whole other level. Kevin is a South African animal behaviorist who has been accepted into several prides of lions and hyena clans. He basically eats, sleeps, and plays with these animals as if they were his family. Kevin strongly believes in intuition when dealing with these wild animals, instead of basing his actions on rule books. He is known for treating the lions and other animals as sentient beings, often showing them respect and nurturing a sense of family instead of imposing dominance unto them.

But, Kevin warns that the job does have its dangers and advises people not to follow in his footsteps without the proper training and guidance. Much like Chris Pratt’s character imprinting on the newborn Velociraptors in Jurassic World, Kevin Richardson is only social with animals that were with him since they were very young. And even then, he has been scratched, punctured, and injured while handling the animals, although never in a malicious way.



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