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15 Real life people with unbelievable superpowers – You’ll be surprised to see this! (With Pictures)

2. Stomach of Steel – Michael Lotito


On the list of things you should never ever try at home, replicating Michael Lotito’s appetite for indigestible objects should be right at the top. The French entertainer is known for consuming objects made of metal, glass, rubber, and plastic and doesn’t seem to have any serious intestinal or digestive difficulties afterwards. His greatest feat is probably dismantling and progressively consuming an aircraft over the course of two years.

The secret lies in Michael Lotito’s intestinal walls which happen to be twice as thick as they should be. His stomach acids are also unusually powerful, allowing him to digest these hazardous objects, seemingly without complications. I’m just wondering what the plumbing situation is like in Michael’s house. Does he have to get a professional to unclog the pipes every month because I expect it would be filled with everything and the kitchen sink.


1. The Electric Man – Rajmohan Nair

Electricity is dangerous, everyone knows that. Being exposed to even a tenth of an ampere can be lethal… but not for Rajmohan Nair. Known across the world as “Electro-Mohan” or “Electro-Man”, Raj mohan is able to run up to 10 Amps through his body without sustaining any injuries. The only side-effect is the glazing of his eyes, which renders him blind for a few minutes, but that’s about it.


Rajmohan’s discovery of his shocking (pun definitely intended) ability is tragic. After losing his mother at age 7, a grief-stricken Rajmohan tried to end his life by climbing an electric pole. To his surprise, nothing happened when he grabbed one of the exposed wires, which is when he realized he had an amazing ability. No disrespect whatsoever, but that’s a superhero origin story if there ever really was one! When tested using a multimeter, it was found that Rajmohan Nair’s body is 10x more resistant to electricity than that of a normal human being, which is what allows him to run electric currents through his body, normally via his tongue for added conductivity, to power lightbulbs and other electrical appliances.


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