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15 Scandals that shook the sporting world (With Pictures)


Scandals That Shook The Sporting World

Scandals That Shook The Sporting World – The Bart Starr Award is given to “the NFL player who best exemplifies outstanding character and leadership in the home, on the field and in the community” and is often given to players of high moral character. Also, there are moral clauses in the contracts of professional athletes that prohibit specific behavior.


Violation of these moral clauses can cause everything from game suspensions and fines to being blacklisted in the world of sports, not to mention losing lucrative endorsement deals.

Outsiders have to wonder why a professional athlete would jeopardize their livelihood and ability to play the sport they love. However, when faced with instant fame, millions of dollars, and gold diggers at every turn, it’s a little more understandable how some sports celebrities have faltered. While there have been some minor snafus through the years that can quickly be forgotten, there are some professional athletes whose accomplishments have been overshadowed by their sexual exploits. Check out our list for the 15 sport celebrities with a shocking sexual past, and see how athletes might have more in common with rock stars than you might think.

15. Alex Rodriguez – Promiscuous Affair

Long before Alex Rodriguez started tacking on Hollywood’s “It” girls to the long list of notches on his bedpost, he was a family man that was mostly just known for his stellar hitting skills on the field. That quickly changed when paparazzi snapped photos of him coming out of a hotel with a stripper during his time as a “happily married” man. Later it was revealed that it wasn’t just a one-time slip-up, and he was allegedly carrying on a torrid affair. While his marriage came to its inevitable demise, it was the start of his infamous reputation for one-night stands.

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