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20 Movies & TV shows where actors had real s*x (With Pictures)

Movies & TV shows where actors had real sex

Movies & TV shows where actors had real sex – The views on censorship in the mainstream media have definitely evolved over the years and it has come to the point where almost anything can be seen or heard. From excessive violence to straight-out sex, it’s safe to say that the values of yesteryear are long gone.


With this being said, not all acts of love are there solely for shock value nor are they actually happening between the actors. However, there are definitely exceptions to both.

While the reasons for the intimacy may vary, there are those actors out there who are willing to dive into the deep end, so to speak, and truly connect with their counterparts. That commitment is the one that will be celebrated today because not everyone is willing to go that far for the sake of the movie or show, especially since there are many ways around performing the actual act when a dash of movie magic gets involved. This can vary between using a sock to vaginal pads or even a straight up piece of cloth between them so that there is no real contact and it can honestly look as good, if not better, than the real deal. However, for those who decide to go all-in there will forever be a closeness that can never be replaced. So, if you’re looking to see some actors who weren’t afraid to perform the deed for all to see read on but, be warned, some of the choices may surprise you.

20. Factory Girl

Revolving its story around the failings of socialite who goes by the name of Edie Sedgwick, played bySienna Miller, and her relations with Andy Warhol and a musician, things start to heat up as relationships begin to develop. While the truth behind the intimate scenes between Sienna Miller and Hayden Christensen may never be told since Miller denies that it wasn’t real and never could be considering that there were five people in the room at the time, there has been nothing to explicitly state that there was no penetration involved. However, the question of whether or not she was just saying that to protect her image is a debatable one.



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