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5 disappointing blunders in Tiwa Savage’s explosive interview video


Tiwa Savage’s explosive interview video – After the raging hullabaloo over TeeBillz’s bombshell, the superstar-brand-ambassador expectedly felt it was necessary to clear her part and protect her career in what could have been a major doom. It would be believed that she consulted her PR team for ‘professional’ advice on the best way to manage the looming crisis, and guess the ‘presumably brilliant piece’ they all came up with… a seemingly ‘staged’ video where she supposedly granted an interview with what was to be believed by fans and stakeholders as some off-the-cuff candor.


The interview was meant to be seen as being purely unprecedented with credit of hard-work given to the interviewer’s platform. Perhaps, many took it just as that… Whatever was said in the interview wouldn’t be so much of my concern, but taking the PR profession for granted and insulting the innocence of people and essence of the PR practice is what I might not be able to stomach in this situation.

Tiwa is no doubt a big brand in Africa’s entertainment scene, and whatever professional display done by her or her team may instantly become a model for others to follow. The video (or interview) was not just an error; it was a huge professional blunder capable of garnering adverse ripple effect that may be largely counter-productive for her career, and quite misleading for upcoming stars and PR professionals. Below are 5 blunders in the video.

1. Granting a Camera-Light-Action interview in a space of 24 hours

Since when did we start granting a controlled video interview to ‘immediately’ respond to snowballing crisis in the entertainment scene in Nigeria? In this part of the world, everything under camera, light, and action is believed to be staged and obviously pre-arranged. I’m sure this is one of the reasons Charles Novia earlier called Tiwa a Beyonce-clone. Perhaps, Tiwa and her team failed to realize that it wouldn’t be easy to completely be a Beyonce clone in the Nigerian environment. Her PR team should have known better to simply set up a single camera video with a head-on shot somewhere in the corner of her room or her living room and give possible impression of staged drama a very wide berth. This is if at all a video is found necessary (oh!  I understand her team really wanted to show the Nollywood sober mood in her costume with the repentant scarfing, and the largely exaggerated teary part with an obviously poor art director. If not, why a video?).



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  1. damdam says

    Very true I also see the interview has a stage performance

  2. gattoch says

    It's as if the writer read my mind.

  3. ade says

    You are just an ass. They are going through stuff that your single ass can never comprehend. What gives u a right to an opinion.#tiwatunjimayGodhealurbrokeness#

  4. tty says

    Smh# instead of itemizing the flaws y not contribute with ur advise.does all this big grammar change the issue at hand or solve it.wat a shame

  5. j baby says

    Shame to who. Pls @tty

  6. tty says

    This writter

  7. ib edet says

    Fight everywhere….emmanuella said use ur head and stop fighting.

  8. sumpy says

    Pls y are u social media bloggers, tarnishing dis lady's image all in d name of making money and followers, dis lady is going tru pains rit nw, her marriage is broken,her career at stake.hw many celebrities will come out 2 d open and tell u d truth. Dis lady(tiwa) was never brought up here in Nigeria, she thinks lik d Whites and acts lik them. Pls Nigerians encourage her and stop criticizing pls.

  9. sumpy says

    I feel her pains…it's not easy guys….been a celebrity, ur life remains in d not married yet but I sooo feel her pains. Watching her interview may me steadfast in prayer 4 my future marriage., cause dis cud be anybody. Plus let's encourage her and pray 4 her and her son who we'd be growing up without his parents 2geda.

  10. Femi says

    Her home is broken, he marriage is shattered, what's my own, if I can make a whole lotta money from all of these then so be it

    1. Troy says

      Femi are u human I don't think u are? Tiwa I feel ur pain pls it's not d end of life,remember ur son is there to care for pls life goes on

  11. Tinuj says

    What is this. Mr breaker of interview. M sorry this piece s stupid . Are there more better news to break down than these people lives n marriage. I just saw your pouting article. As in are you for resl..sorry but you suck

  12. Nuel says

    We still miss out something in life…. who exactly is a celebrity ?
    So called people who cant keep their homes… ?
    Sabandobola jor

  13. sim says

    i thought tiwa is an ambassador of pampers why is she complaining about him not even buying pampers

  14. sim says

    tiwa why you sack your husband , so the person wey you employ better pass your husband , and you think say if to say you no sack your husband atleast him for get money take dey buy pampers and pay for his car without asking you, lo just saying

  15. Princess says

    This is a very shitty and unreasonable opinion of the entire Tiwa and Tunji's marital crisis. Whoever came up with this blog should applaud himself… you really should be proud of yourself for coming up with something this stupid

  16. oyi says

    Stop mass media voice out

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