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7 things EVERY man and his penis wishes you knew



Because it’s a package deal.

The penis is a mysterious, magical organ. (Chances are, you’re already a fan), but because you don’t have the appendage yourself, it can be tricky to figure out how to get—and keep—it happy. The deeper your understanding of how it works, the more satisfied and connected you’ll both feel.


With that in mind, listen to what the male penis would say if it could speak up for its owner.

1. “Please toss the ruler.”

When a man makes the big reveal, you may not be in love at first sight, but most penises end up being roughly the same length when they’re at attention regardless of the size they are when soft. On average, a flaccid penis is four inches long, while an erect one is six; but even those that start out a bit smaller tend to catch up in the end.

For most women, satisfaction has more to do with how hard and responsive (i.e., how quickly aroused) a penis is rather than how long it is. So unless he is abnormally small and has what’s called a micropenis—which is extremely rare—or is unusually large, size just isn’t as significant an issue as many women think it is.

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