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LADIES: 25 Important things you need to know before dating..

25 important things you need to know before dating and love - girl-lady 700x450

Things you need to know before dating – Mother knows best … even if you don’t listen the first time. As mother’s it’s our job to protect our dear daughter as long as possible, from scraped knees to broken hearts. But, every now and then we can spare you the pain (or try damn hard to) with a warning or a bit of motherly advice. Most things you’ll have to discover for yourself (especially concerning men).


But it’s our hope that if we arm you with the knowledge then you’ll only have to endure each love lesson once before seeing that mom really does know best and you really do deserve the best — thus, decreasing your odds of heartbreak in the long run, as it’s usually not 100 percent avoidable.

So, in honor of mothers and mother figures around the world, here are 25 golden nuggets of motherly advice about your love/dating life:

1. Never Learn To Clean A Fish … Or Else …

Never learn to clean a fish or you’ll be doing it for the rest of your life. Slow down your walk, because if he doesn’t open the door for you the first time, he probably never will



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