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LADIES: 3 things you should NEVER give up in a relationship..

things you should NEVER give up in a relationship

Things you should NEVER give up in a relationship – Be careful! Getting into a new relationship is hard, but many times women will give up parts of their own life as they step into a life with their new partner. Not only can that lead to resentment and frustration after time, but it can also pave the way for a lonely, unhappy relationship.


Here are 3 things women should NEVER give up when getting into a relationship: 

1. Their feminine energy.

It’s the female who charges the relationship with more emotional depth. While the guys are mainly concerned with facts (where to go, what to eat), she’s interested in what’s below the surface. She contemplates the feelings.

In men, the DPN (a part of the brain) causes them to seek a power position — to compete and to be sensitive to territorial threats from other men. Men want the unique feminine qualities women bring. They don’t seek the competitive, logical relationship they can find with other guys.

Oxytocin is the important hormone that gives women a special ability to seek connection and bonding. This is a gift for men, because they love watching their female partner bond with their family and friends. Women bring something important into the male-female duo.

So, in a romance, bring your empathy, all your relational skill, and your flowing, holistic dialog into the relationship.



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