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LADIES: 3 things you should NEVER give up in a relationship..

2. Their individuality.

When we are attracted to someone, we accidently transfer our attitudes, beliefs, values, and feelings onto them.  We assume they are like us, and often it’s an unconscious assumption. We come to expect things that won’t happen.

The first problem with assuming is that you don’t feel the need to communicate. Your relationship would be enhanced if you two spoke more to each other.

The second problem is that unmet expectations lead to disappointment, which if repeated, can lead to hurt or resentment.

The good news for women though is that men expect so much less from a relationship; they’re easier. If she relaxes more around him, smiles and touches him, he is happier, and it’s good for her to get a break from her busy mind. The bad news is that women’s expectations of a relationship aren’t met.



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