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Top 12 hottest ‘Tiny Waist Big Booty’ celebs – #1 will make your eyes pop out! (With Pictures)

10. Amber Rose

Kim Kardashian’s rival and Kanye West’s former flame, Amber Rose, a model, is basically Kim Kardashian reincarnated (Kanye obviously has a type). Picture Kim Kardashian’s booty and tiny waist on steroids. In fact, Amber Rose has been known to post a selfie or two to show a certain Kardashian up. But what would a Kardashian knock-off be without butt augmentation rumours? Amber Rose has certainly had her fair share of them. Nevertheless, she still has a secure spot on the list of ‘Tiny Waist and Big Booty Celebs’ – so much so that even Scott Disick said that her body is “banging” and that her assets could “make a grown man cry.”



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