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Ladies: 15 Signs you should NEVER sleep with him

Signs you should NEVER sleep with him

Signs you should NEVER sleep with him – Being intimate with another person is something that is on everyone’s mind. For many, it’s a thought that is constant throughout the day. Though to be fair, there are so many different kinds of intimate experiences to be had! Speaking from a woman’s perspective, doing the deed is a lot of the time something that I place a lot of value on. Although we are in 2016 and women and men are viewed as equals, there is no denying that in matters of the heart, men and women (in general) have their differences.


Generally speaking, women have intercourse for emotional reasons, while men have do it for physical reasons. Though make sure to tread lightly because making love is without a doubt something that tends to complicate situations. As women, we need to protect our hearts, and sometimes we make the wrong decisions when it comes to who we sleep with. The following list contains fifteen reasons why you shouldn’t sleep with someone. From personality traits, to who their friends are, everything is covered! I hope you men are ready for a reality check on what women don’t want in a partner.

Want to know if it’s a good idea to sleep with him? Want to know why she isn’t sleeping with you? Continue reading and your questions will most likely be answered!

15. He’s a Jerk

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Listen up, ladies, if he is a jerk before you sleep with him, he’s going to be an even bigger jerk after you do. Sadly, as women, a lot of the time it just so happens that we are attracted to the assholes. However, if I have learned one thing in my dating experience, it’s that you can’t change anyone no matter how hard you try. So, if you are thinking of sleeping with that jerk to finally get him to realize he’s in love with you, please try and spare yourself the hard feelings.

The best way to enjoy being intimate with a jerk is to know what you are getting, which is probably just a good, albeit temporary time. As said by the legendary William Shakespeare, “Expectation is the root of all heartache,” so hopefully you can help brace yourself for the reality of the situation. Though sadly, it seems like it is the girl who gets hurt in this situation, not the guy.



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