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Top 15 worst celebrity yoga pant fails (With Pictures)


worst celebrity yoga pants fails

Worst celebrity yoga pant fails – What yoga pants are for our beautiful ladies, sweatpants are to us guys… Except for the fact that the elegance and shapeliness of a woman can even make elastic, polyester britches look classy, suitable and appropriate for any occasion, and sweatpants just make us fellas look like lazy slobs. If you think about it, yoga pants may be one of the greatest inventions of the past century after the iPhone and Oreos. Yoga pants can fit any body type and even make some of the strangest shapes appear flattering.


Also, let us not forget that this is a design not solely for women; the fellas too can get in on some yoga pants action. Matter of fact, compression pants have become one the largest trends in mainstream sports today. But guys, don’t take it as far as Cam Newton did and show up to practice or the big game in sheer panty hose. Unfortunately, there are some flaws to the stretchy pants… At times they can become see-through, up-riding trousers from hell. To some of you, you might not think of this as a problem, to those wearing the tight tights, it might easily become publicly humiliating… especially, if you’re a celebrity with TMZ lurking in the shadows. With all that being said, check out the biggest celebrity yoga pants fails caught on camera.

15. Blac Chyna


At one point in time Blac Chyna was just a big booty dancer at the world famous King of Diamonds club in beautiful Miami, Florida. These days she’s found a way to wiggle herself into the Kardashian empire by getting impregnated by the once svelte and now chubby little brother of Khloe, Kourtney and Kim… Rob Kardashian. Anyways, back at the matter of the hand, this snapshot is less about the actual yoga pants and more about the junk in the trunk that the pants struggle to hold. We live in a time where body enhancements have become the norm, but the sight of Blac Chyna rocking the stretchys kind of let’s us know she may have went overboard with booty. Can you blame her, though? Rob grew up staring at his sisters’ huge booty so you know Blac Chyna had to one-up the queen of reality television if she wanted to attract Rob.

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