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15 celebrity duos you didn’t know were “Friends with Benefits” (With Pictures)

Celebrity Duos You Didn’t Know Were “Friends With Benefits”

Celebrity duos you didn’t know were “Friends with Benefits” – For many guys, it’s the ultimate dream. Having a girl to hook up with on a regular basis – who you like, but don’t have to like – takes the fun and sexual chemistry of a long-term relationship, and divorces it from the hassle and commitment that generally comes with it. You don’t have to meet her mom, you don’t have to talk about kids, and you don’t have to move in together.


If you’re happy and she’s happy, then it’s really a best-case scenario, and unless somebody starts developing some stray feelings on the side, there aren’t really any downsides. Everybody’s chasing that scenario – and this is one way in which celebrities aren’t any different to us. It might be a little more awkward for somebody in the public eye to be clocked spending extra-friendly time with somebody they’re not technically dating, but that doesn’t seem to have stopped the people on our list. Check out our ranking. Some of these might just surprise you.

15. Nick Jonas and Kate Hudson


My, those Jonas boys sure have changed since they first emerged on the pop music scene. They started off my wearing purity rings and singing about innocent themes to pre-teen girls. Fast forward a decade or so later and Nick Jonas is no longer that cute, curly-haired sweetie. He is totally sexed up and ready for action, and he has perfected the art of the smouldering eyes. Even his older brothers are no longer the straight-laced guys they were perceived to be. As for Nick, he ended up becoming friends with something more with actress Kate Hudson. Who cares about the age difference? While it may have been a bit of a shock (or at least a bit bizarre) to people in the music world and beyond, the pairing was one that we should have seen coming. After all, the Jonas Brothers are known for getting wrapped up with different kinds of girls.



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