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15 WWE superstars who truly hated their fathers (With Pictures)

WWE Superstars Who Truly Hated Their Fathers

WWE superstars who truly hated their fathers – Family feuds are as much a part of professional wrestling as steal chairs and easily distracted referees. Throughout the years, we’ve seen brother vs brother, brother vs sister, mother vs daughter, and pretty much any other combination of bloodline bad blood that you can think of.


In recent years, the father vs child rivalry has started to occur more and more on WWE programming. While it wasn’t all that frequent in the Attitude Era – mainly due to the fact most of the era’sstars were first generation – in the past twelve years, we have seen feuds between Stardust and Dusty Rhodes, Charlotte and Ric Flair, and the kayfabe pairing of Kane and Paul Bearer.

Backstage, however, daddy-offspring battles have been going on for decades. In the past, such genuine family drama went unknown to the fans; but in the age of the internet, reports of these strained relationships spread from website to website and across the entire Internet Wrestling Community.

Some wrestlers have embraced this, and have even taken to podcasts and YouTube to tell their stories. Others have refused to discuss their family lives, possibly because the wounds are still fresh or the issues have been resolved since their original reporting.

Here, we have prepared a list of fifteen WWE superstars, past and present, who hate – or have at some point hated – their fathers. In some cases, the cause of the rift between father and child is difficult to discern. In others, however, it is obvious, well-documented, and all too justifiable.

15. AJ Styles


AJ Styles appeared on The Stone Cold Podcast this past Monday to discuss his WWE experience thus far, his time in TNA, and the differences between the two companies. He also talked about his childhood and what it was like to grow up with a father who was an alcoholic.

AJ described his family as being “dirt poor” and said that he and his siblings would dread his father’s return from work, as he would usually stop at a bar on his way home. According to Styles, his father would turn violent when he drank, and get his frustrations out by beating his children.

The two-time TNA World Heavyweight Champion said that as a kid he promised himself would learn from his father’s mistakes and be a great dad to his own children. If Styles family photos are anything to go by, The Phenomenal One has done just that.



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