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The 20 Hottest celebrity tattoos of all time – You need to see number 1! (With Pictures)

5. Kat Von D

via Star Changes

How could we not include this beautiful tattoo queen on the list? Kat Von D is the leading lady for all things ink. Von D is a celebrity tattoo artist who specializes in portraits. Her body is of course covered with tattoos all over her arms, face, neck, and any other blank area of skin that she could fill.

She received her first tattoo at the ripe age of 14. Von D got the letter “J” in Old English on her ankle. The “J” stood for James, who was her first love. However, now the tatted lady jokes that it stands for “Just kidding.” Thankfully, she says she has no regrets about any of her tattoos and has vowed to never remove her first one.

Von D also owns her own tattoo parlor in West Hollywood called “High Voltage Tattoo” which has arguably become the most famous tattoo parlor in LA. She was also featured on the TLC reality series LA Ink.

As you can see, Von D even has a tattoo of stars on her face.  That tattoo was supposed to symbolize how Von D is able to be a heavily tattooed woman and still carry herself in a feminine way. She has also mentioned that her favorite Mötley Crüe song is “Starry Eyes,” which may have played a factor.



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