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The 20 Hottest celebrity tattoos of all time – You need to see number 1! (With Pictures)

4. Zayn Malik

zayn malik tattooed celebrities

Zayn Malik and Harry Styles might possibly be competing for who can have the most tattoos in One Direction.

Malik’s most recent tattoo is a Star Wars lightsaber that supposedly even has a special feature. The tattoo is located on the side of Malik’s middle finger and the center was inked with special glow in the dark ink so that it lights up when he puts the tattoo beneath a black light.

Malik has quite the collection of body art including images of lips, flowers, a checkered flag, and even one depicting his now, ex-girlfriend Perrie Edward’s face. That’s awkward.

Malik was born and raised a Muslim and his father was a Pakistani immigrant, and because of this, Malik also has two Arabic chest tattoos. Still not done, Malik also has a yin and yang tattoo which is commonly associated with both Buddhist and Chinese teachings.

Malik shocked his fans in March, when he revealed a freshly shaved head with a large “MOM” tattoo on his face. The tattoo was supposedly a tribute to his first solo album Mind of Mine. Thankfully, the tattoo was later revealed to be a fake.

3. Harry Styles

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The young singer is getting so many tattoos in such a short period of time, that it is actually impossible to keep up. Harry Styles is not yet 25 and he already has over 40 tattoos.

Styles’ most notorious tattoo may be the two swallows that he has inked on his check as a cover up for his love banner tattoo. Styles had mentioned he wanted swallows because the birds symbolize traveling, and he was traveling a lot with his band One Direction at the time.

On either side of his collar bones, Styles has the years 1957 and 1967 for the years that his father and mother were born. One of his most recognizable tattoos is a large butterfly that he got inked on his torso. Styles also has also a large ship tattoo on the outside of his left arm. The tattoo was a tribute to his family and his home. The singer  decided to get the tattoo because he was missing being home while out on the road with the band, and wanted a reminder that he is homeward bound.



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