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The 20 Hottest celebrity tattoos of all time – You need to see number 1! (With Pictures)

16. Lena Dunham


Writer and actress of the popular HBO series Girls, Lena Dunham, is no stranger to tattoos. The actress has seven tattoos including one on her arm, wrist, and rib cage. Dunham’s biggest piece may be two scribble-drawn houses that covers most of her back. Dunham has said that her most meaningful tattoo is a small tattoo of her favorite children’s book character, Eloise, which is on her lower back.

Dunham felt connected with the story throughout her life and has been “obsessed” with the series ever since hearing it for the first time as a little girl. When she was 17 she desperately wanted to get a tattoo and persuaded her parents to agree to let her get one of the adventurous heroin.

Dunham also has the word staunch written across her right wrist as a reminder from Little Edie of Grey Gardens, who refers to herself as a “staunch character” that is never afraid to hold her ground and act like a tough old lady.

The tattoo on her upper left arm is an illustration from the children’s book The Story of Ferdinand. The book tells a story of a bull who doesn’t want to fight and prefers to smell flowers. Dunham’s tattoo depicts Ferdinand sitting under a tree in a field of flowers.

15. Lady Gaga


Of course Mother Monster makes the hottest tattooed celebrity list. The singer has tats spreading across her back, side, and shoulders.

The singer has a total of 14 tattoos that we know of, including flowers on her hip and a unicorn on her thigh. A little-known fact about Lady Gaga is that she only tattoos her body on one side and keeps the other side blank in respect for her father.

She has a peace sign tattoo on the inside of her left wrist as a tribute to John Lennon, one of her musical idols. The tattoo is pointed inwards in order to serve as a reminder for herself. As you can imagine, she also has a tattoo celebrating her signature monster paw.

Gaga also has a rather large tattoo of roses that sprawls from her lower back to her waist. That tattoo was done by LA Ink star and celebrity tattoo artist, Kat Von D (who you may see below!).

Lady Gaga’s most recognizable tattoo is probably the large text on her bicep which is a passage from Gaga’s favorite writer, Rainer Maria Rilke. The tattoo translates to read, “Confess yourself in the deepest hour of the night whether you would have to dies if you were forbidden to write. Dig deep in your heart, where the answer spreads its roots in your being, and ask yourself solemnly. Must I write?”



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