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10 Helpful ways to stop masturbation – this will really help you out!

Ways to stop masturbation

Ways to stop masturbation – The urge to masturbate is a natural one and as adolescents, it signifies an interest in s ex before embarking on adult se xual relationships. But when it becomes an obsession, or a reason you hate yourself, then it is time to cut down on the self serving.


The immense pleasure derived from frequent masturbation can be extremely addictive. However, this addiction can become an obsessive activity that interferes with daily living. Furthermore, it may result in loss of s ex drive, depression, or even impotence. To prevent these potentially severe side effects, reveals the some effective ways to end chronic masturbati0n.

1. Remove anything that tempts your urge to masturbate, like access to pornographic materials etc. Also, if you notice you get the urge to masturbate at certain times of the day, try to keep busy with other things at those times. You could try exercising as this will give you a release and leave you too exhausted to do much else. If you masturbate frequently because you feel lonely, find ways to limit your solitude. For instance, instead of watching football match at home by yourself, watch it at a sports bar. Even if you’re not hanging out with friends, you will not be alone, ultimately having no time for masturbation.



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