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10 things you can only witness at a Nigerian wedding – #10 will leave you rolling on the floor! (With Pictures)

Things you can only witness at a Nigerian wedding-TheinfoNG

Things you can only witness at a Nigerian wedding – People do not attend parties simply because of the party rice that is being served there. Instead, they do so in order to ease the stress of the week as they know they are bound to see something funny there. Nigerian weddings are not to be missed; that is where you get to keep a tab on the fashion trend in the society as you can be sure you would see people of all calibre rocking and slaying in fashionable outfits.


Nigerian weddings are usually packed with interesting people, and if you are attending with a friend and gist partner, there would be enough gist to tap there. The couples may be too busy to notice the things going on but the guests would always capture some of these interesting moments and keep them in their memories forever.

There are some funny things that you would observe at a Nigerian wedding, check out some of these things below and let us know if we missed anything out:

1. The bride is always late

funny things you will only witness in a Nigerian wedding

When you attend lots of Nigerian weddings, you would get to know that the brides usually come in late. The relatives, guests, groom and his friends get to the venue before the bride ever does. In strict churches, the pastor starts the program without the bride and expect her to join as soon as she arrives.

The brides always claim the makeup artist messed up or they had issues with traffic. Like they did not choose the day themselves.



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