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11 Dirty secrets men hide from their women

Dirty secrets men hide from their women

Dirty secrets men hide from their women – There are probably things your partner doesn’t know about you. Don’t try to deny it; pretty much everyone has secrets. But did you ever stop to wonder what your guy is hiding from you?Because we know you’re curious, we asked 11 guys—some of whom have been with their partners for years—what they’ve kept locked away. 


relationship secrets men keep

When I first started dating my girlfriend, my friends really, really didn’t like her. They thought she was annoying. And this wasn’t, like, one or two of my friends. It was a pretty universal opinion. I think what happened was she wastrying too hard around them and not really being herself at first, because once she got acclimated and spent more time around them, she grew on them. Most of them are cool with her now. But yeah, I’ve never told her they didn’t used to like her, and I don’t see any reason to, to be honest.” —Kyle R.



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