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15 Most beautiful & luxurious prisons in the world – You’ll want to do time after seeing this! (With Pictures)

Most Beautiful & Luxurious Prisons In The World

Most beautiful & luxurious prisons in the world – When you hear the term beautiful and luxurious prisons, you probably think that’s a bit of a joke. Well, you’d be surprised to find that there are quite a few prisons out there in the world that could and have been in some ways considered works of art. Not only that, but some mental asylums as well have some stunning features that would be missed at first glance.


It can be a chilling topic especially with the nature of prisons and mental asylums being what they are today, especially if you take into consideration the fact that some mental asylums are known to either be haunted or have some chilling back stories to them from when they were active years and years ago.

But a lot of them are considered tourist attractions or a chilling campfire story in many ways. Granted, nowadays, prisons, mental asylums, and things similar are becoming much more popular, some would say it’s a life long mission of theirs to find some of the scariest mental asylums and prison, and spend a night in some of them. Not entirely sure if that’s something I would ever do, nor is it something I would ever consider doing even if given the opportunity, but I would like to discuss with you some of the prisons and mental asylums that are considered some of the most beautiful and luxurious places to visit on Earth.

15. Bastoy Prison (Norway)

Bastoy Prison is a minimum security prison located on Bastoy Island in Norway. Not only has the prison taken home on an island about an hour away from Ohio, it’s also evident that it’s filled with green trees, and the surrounding water makes for not only a relaxing experience, but one that does not really fit the standard when you think of prisons as a whole. Bastoy Prison is also known to be a minimum security system, this means the in-mates are more likely to have “comfortable living arrangements” as opposed to a standard medium to high security prison. With that in mind, and the surrounding water around the island that the prison sits on, it’s no surprise that this is known to be one of the more beautiful prisons to look into.



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