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The 15 dirtiest & grossest celebrities that have ever existed in Hollywood (With Pictures)

Dirtiest & grossest celebrities that have ever existed

Dirtiest & grossest celebrities that have ever existed – If you think that celebrities are always super put-together and sparkling with cleanliness, then this is going to be a huge wake-up call for you! It turns out that your average person off the street is cleaner than most celebs.


We were so surprised to find that many famous people have some seriously disgusting habits and they tend to be disheveled and gross when the cameras turn off. Maybe those unflattering paparazzi photos are not a far cry from the truth after all!

Our list includes both men and women, so don’t think that being gross and dirty is a gendered thing. You may have thought that those sexy actors and actresses were always a sight to behold, but it turns out that when they are just chilling at home or running errands, they have a complete disregard for personal hygiene and common courtesy. Remember people, if you can smell your own stink, then just imagine how you smell to other people! We often can’t realize the full extent of our body odor, but other people sure can. Tell that to these celebrities, because they seem to be living in a dream world where they can just skip showers for days and wear the same outfit until it practically falls off.

We don’t want to freak you out or make you sick, but this list is going to make you question some of your celebrity crushes.

15. Jessica Simpson


Let’s start off our list with a celebrity of questionable intelligence: Jessica Simpson. No, she doesn’t smell like Chicken of the Sea tuna (or is it actually chicken?) Rather, she has really gnarly breath because she doesn’t brush her teeth on a regular basis. In fact, in a typical week, Jessica brushes her teeth maybe two or three times. That is utterly disgusting. Jessica was called out for this dirty behavior when she appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show. Ellen questioned the singer about her hygiene habits and Jessica admitted that she does not like to brush her teeth so she skips it most days. She doesn’t like how “slippery” it makes her teeth feel. Instead, she opts for some mouthwash and just rubbing on her teeth with a washcloth or rag. We thought only toddlers tried to do this to replace tooth-brushing responsibilities. Knowing that Jessica does it makes us sad.



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