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15 Hot female celebrities guys are dying to sleep with right now… But you only wish! (See Photos)


Hot female celebrities guys are dying to sleep with

Hot female celebrities guys are dying to sleep with – There are all sorts of hot women out there. Some of them are so good looking that they will blow your minds. In a world made of fantasy, there would be absolutely nothing better than to hang out with one of these women all the time. Can you imagine how cool it would be living with a woman that was one of your fantasies? Especially if it was a celebrity. How cool would that be if the celebrity of your dreams was your girlfriend?


Except…it would not be cool. Not at all. As much as a lot of famous women are totally attractive, if you were to spend more than a few hours with a lot of them, you would probably lose your mind. Being hot, famous, and rich sure looks good on paper, but you actually have to hang out with her, too. Even if you are into her just in a physical way, who is to say that she even wants to get into doing the deed very often?

There is no way around it. When it comes to having a girlfriend, you want someone who you could hang out with, that your friends want to hang out with, and that your family wants to hang out with.  You want someone who is cool, nice, funny, and hot. And honestly, most famous women don’t have all four of those qualities.

Some of them do though. Some of the women on this list are not only rich and famous smoke-shows, but they are girlfriend material as well. Here are the top 15 celebs you wish you had as your girlfriend.

15. Alexandra Daddario


Sometimes these things are just based on a feeling, and we get the feeling that Alexandra is straight up cool. Maybe it is just that she was in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D and was also in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Let’s face it, any woman that was in a slasher movie and also was in the best comedy on TV is probably pretty cool. She is gorgeous of course, but is hot in that way that is still approachable. The only problem is that her dad is a former prosecutor and the head of the New York Police Department’s counter terrorism unit. So we get the feeling that you might want to be on your best behavior when you are taking his daughter out. We will take that risk, though, as Alexandra is totally the type of woman you want as your girlfriend.

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