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15 Female celebrities who can’t do without smoking weed (With Pictures)



Celebrities who cant do without smoking weed – Many people remember the first time they ever got high off of marijuana. The worst part is that getting high on marijuana, at least the first time, is not much fun. For so many, getting high just involves a serious bout of paranoia which is only then followed up by intense and uncontrollable laughter. Follow it up with eating an entire row of Oreo cookies then you have what getting high for the first time is for nearly everyone.


For many, the love of smoking, injecting, or (gasp) snorting marijuana is something that never dies.  Even as adults, some of them politicians, bankers, or parents still like to get high every once in a while.  Once a person gets used to the drug, they are able to know their limits and avoid falling off a cliff into the danger zone of drug use.  That paranoia they felt the first time turns into alertness.  The laughter turns into a good sense of humor.  The problem is that the munchies stay the same.  Oreo cookies should just beware they are going to get eaten.

Regardless, celebrities, like most anyone else, can appreciate the lure of marijuana. In some states, people can use it for their own recreation purposes, much like a person who buys a bicycle or a basketball. Now, potheads can come out of the shadows and smoke their herbs as their forefathers intended: in public.

This list contains 15 hot celebrities who surprisingly do not mind toking up every once in awhile and who are putting a hot name to America’s favorite drug.

15. Lady Gaga

Of course, the obvious thought is, “There is no way that a woman would agree to wear a suit made out of meat unless she gets high on marijuana.” Well, that thought is not too far from the truth. Lady Gaga, wearer and singer of extremely weird things, admitted that she gets high. This is usually the case when she is writing songs, according to Gaga. At least the world now knows where she gets her creative inspiration.

Gaga deserves a ton of credit for two reasons. For starters, few people have to deal with the kind of criticism that Gaga has to put up with. With a sea of talented people in the music industry, Gaga said that she was going to just take on the world and wear the most ridiculous outfits that one could think of. Also, just admitting that she dabbles in the herb to the world is impressive. She has become so famous that, unlike most people, she can proudly proclaim that she likes to get high and she does not have to worry if anybody finds out. She can wave her pothead flag proudly.

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