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15 Rich celebrities who live so very cheap lives (With Pictures)

Rich celebrities who live so very cheap lives=TheinfoNG

Rich celebrities who live so very cheap lives – Celebrities can pretty much afford to buy whatever they want, travel wherever they want, and dine wherever they want. They wear some of the most expensive designer clothes. Some of them have enough to the point they could buy an island. This of course brings out the mentality in most people that if they can afford it, then buy a Rolls Royce, or buy a million-dollar mansion. Most people are envious of celebrities mainly because of their nearly unlimited access to large amounts of cash. However, believe it or not, there are celebrities who are cheap, frugal and live way below their means.


Some of the most frugal names may shock you and include the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tyra Banks. Your jaw will probably drop when you read about their money-saving habits. TheHunger Games star, JLaw, still lives in her L.A. apartment, and Leo still drives a Toyota. Tyra Banks uses her friend’s leftover meat to make omelettes the next morning, and makes sure she takes home the soaps and shampoos from every hotel she visits. This is insane, isn’t it? The list is longer and includes other big names, and more details, than you would have ever expected. Some cheap celebs! Check it out.

15. Zooey Deschanel

Zooey has a net worth of $16 million and earns approximately $2 million per year. In spite of her earnings, she practices healthy spending habits. On a monthly basis, she brings in $95,000, but only spends $22,500 per month for expenses. Instead of spending a large portion of her money on expensive designer clothes, she donates a portion of her earnings to charitable organizations. She also shops at thrift stores and loves sales. Deschanel started off in supporting roles until she eventually landed larger parts in major movies such as The Happening and Elf. She also starred alongside Sarah Jessica Parker in Failure to Launch. As of 2011, she gained the lead in her own Fox sitcom, New Girl.



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