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15 Rich celebrities who live so very cheap lives (With Pictures)

2. Leonardo DiCaprio

The big screen actor makes $25 million per movie with a starring role and has about $200 million in the bank. Even though Leo can afford to have multiple million-dollar mansions and almost any expensive car he wants, he prefers a Toyota Prius, for its environmental benefits. As far as traveling, DiCaprio prefers to fly commercial, like most normal people, instead of using a private jet. He is known for starring in The Aviator, The Wolf on Wall Street and Titanic. Before hitting the big screen, DiCaprio started out on television, and eventually he landed an Oscar nomination for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. By 1997, he landed a starring role in the emotional film Titanic which made him known throughout the country and added more zeros in his bank account. Recently, DiCaprio held a charity auction where he managed to raise $45 million. The event was held to support environmental awareness and research. The Gala has been in existence since 2014 and attendees included A-list celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Chris Rock,Naomi Campbell  and Bradley Cooper, among others.



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