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17 Shocking photos that prove ghosts are real

photos that prove ghosts are real

Photos that prove ghosts are real – You don’t need to get any sleep tonight, right? Great, then you’re in luck because you’re about to come across 17 photos that are going to make the hair stand up on the back of your neck and make sleep seem like a distant possibility.


While you may immediately play the skeptic card, we assure you that these 17 images are as verified as ghost photos get. That means there are no double exposure or photo tricks here, these are the real deal.

And what’s a great ghost photo without a chilling backstory to really set you on edge? Like the school bus of children that were killed by a train and now watch over that stop. Or the maid who mops up her own blood from when she was thrown from a banister, or the haunted pizza shop. You may also be missing your loved ones, but I bet you’re hoping they don’t come back to you in the form of a ghost, as some people have experienced and captured on camera.

Proving that not all ghosts are evil, we’ve even got one ghost captured on camera that was called the “healing ghost” by the local priest.

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17. Grandpa’s Ghost


This is one of the more famous ghost photos, if only for the fact that it’s in color and the ghostly figure is clearly seen standing behind the grandma. Denise Russell, who submitted the photo, said that it is her Grandmother in the photo who lived on her own until she was 94, but was then moved into assisted living. The photo was taken on August 17th, 1997 and the man in the photo is definitely their Grandpa, who passed away on August 14th, 1984.

Not only would the ghost have to be 8-10 feet tall, but if you look even closer, you can see what appears to be another figure hidden in the shrubbery above the red van.

It took until Christmas day, 2000 for the family to notice the man in the photo. Talk about an unexpected Christmas present!



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