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20 things men will never understand about women

Things men will never understand about women

Things men will never understand about women – I can’t recall exactly how old I was when I learned that I’d probably spend the rest of my life trying to understand women. The lesson started with a simple proposition beneath the jungle gym: “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” And afterward, there was a lot of confusion. I mean, I knew hers would be different, but where was it? Had I been tricked? I upheld my end of the bargain! I showed you mine! Where are you hiding yours?!


Then with some help of a naked magazine I acquired shortly before my 12th birthday, I came to realize that I hadn’t been tricked at all. Women’s bodies—like the inner workings of their minds—do not reveal themselves quickly. And that’s okay, the mystery has proven to keep us men interested, but I’d by lying if I said it isn’t a little frustrating at times. So while I’m no longer as stumped by the female body, I still struggle to understand some of the finer points of the female personality. Here are a few things that men just don’t understand about women. And ladies, please feel free to explain any of these to me in the comments below! 

You take everything out of one bag and put it into another bag…and you do this all the time? Seriously, why not just have one purse? 

Somehow, all the important stuff always goes to the bottom of that bag. Shouldn’t your keys be easier to find? Are you sure that’s your purse? You didn’t steal another woman’s purse, did you? DID YOU?!

It takes you six months to choose a haircut. Bridges are built in less time.



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