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5 DEADLY diseases you didn’t know mosquitoes transmit


Ask any adult the type of diseases that mosquitoes give, and malaria fever is likely to be the answer. While this is true, the awful fact is that mosquito bites transmit more than malaria, because the disease that a particular mosquito carries depends on the mosquito type. So, what kinds of diseases are mosquitoes capable of inflicting on their victims? These ones…


West Nile fever

West Nile fever is a mosquito-borne infection by the West Nile virus. As bad as this fever is, experts say, approximately 80 percent of the infections in humans have few or no symptoms.

Experts however warn that “serious problems can include infection of the brain (encephalitis), spinal cord, and tissues surrounding the brain and spinal cord (meningitis), which can be fatal.” Most cases of WNV are not serious and many people have no symptoms or they may only manifest mild flu-like symptoms, such as headaches, muscle aches and a high temperature (fever).

The best way to be sure of your ailment, therefore, is to see the doctor if you have some of these symptoms.



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