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Top 7 confraternities in Nigeria and their history + beliefs (Must See)

ASSOCIATION OF AIRLORDS SUPREME EIYE CONFRATERNITYHABA-KRIERThe cult was formed at the University of Ibadan in 1963, also affiliated to the Eiye Secret Society, which exist in the western part of Nigeria. It was formed by the following students: Goke Adeniji, Dele Nwakpele, Bayo Adenubi, Bode Fadase, Tunde Aluko, Kayode Oke, and Bode Sowunmi among others.  It was name Eiye group and later metamorphosed into Supreme Eiye Confraternity (SEC). This cult group was established to make positive impact on the social-political mind, social cultural, physical and mental development of its members, and where indifferent to other conventional cult group.Beliefs and sayings:

  • Secrecy
  • Autocracy
  • Discipline
  • Brotherhood
  • No Friend No Foe

Members are referred to as”Fliers”, ”Airforce”, ”Airlords”, e.t.c


Other confraternities in Nigeria are Thu-Thu, Red Sea, Mgbamgba Brothers, Black Cat, The Fame, Snow Men, Fraternity of Friends, Black Cobra of Ife, Canary, Green Berrets, The Blood Spot, Scorpion, etc.

The Ladies are not left out when you talk about confraternities in Nigeria. So not neglecting them, below is a list of the top female confraternities: Confraternities in Nigeria


Black-bra, Black Berets, Woman Brassier (brave), Daughters of Jezebel, Pink Lady, Amazons, White Angels, Lady of Rose, Sisterhood of Darkness, Golden Daughters, The Ten wonderful Girls, White Ladies, The Royal Queens, Daughters of the Knight, The Knights of the Aristos, etc.

The sorority groups were formed as female responses to their male counterparts’ activities, imitations, and most interestingly these females are girlfriends of the members of the male cult groups. They act as spies to their male counterparts, prostitutions syndicates, agents of set-ups, e.t.c.

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