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GUYS: How to talk dirty to a woman – It’s not about what you say, it’s about the emotions you make her feel!

How to talk dirty to a woman

How to talk dirty to a woman – Hey stud, I hope you’re excited because you’re about to learn how to dirty talk to your girlfriend in bed in a way that will make her wet and give her the most pleasure-packed sexual experience of her entire life! What I’m about to share with you is not only the key to sexy and effective dirty talking, it’s also the single most important ingredient you need to make your girl come, and come, and come again.


The dirty talk examples you’re about to read are incredibly powerful, but before we get to them, you need to know one thing:

The words you say in bed don’t matter…

What does matter is how your words make her FEEL.

Here’s what I mean: Imagine you’re insanely horny right now. You might picture your girl giving you the best blow job of your life, and it’s making you so hard it hurts a little. Feel the pressure building in your groin. Feel the stiffness. Feel the sensations of her soft lips and moist tongue sliding up and down your shaft.

Now imagine being this horny … without a penis.

Kinda weird to think about, isn’t it? My question to you is — how would you know you’re horny? How would you know you want to get it on if you have no erection guiding you into your woman’s direction?

The answer is EMOTION.

Women feel arousal as EMOTIONS … not physical tension.

Sure, they also feel the physical sensations of arousal in their body … but the emotions she feels are much more intense. So if you want to turn your woman on and make her hot and heavy for you, use your words to make her FEEL SEXY EMOTIONS.

Use your words to take her away from feeling nervous, dirty, and like a piece of meat you just want to use to stick your meat in … and instead make her feel relaxed, sexy, and wanted.

Use dirty talk to transfer and evoke emotions.

Have you ever tried to read an erotic novel? It’s torture for men. Why? Because they’re written in a way that delivers emotions, not information. They’re written in a way that puts guys to sleep, yet fills a woman’s mind with all the tiny details her arousal thrives on.

Use your words to make your girl FEEL powerful emotions and she’ll go wild with lust and uncontrollable desire.

The 4 things your dirty talking should make her feel emotionally:

1. That she’s feminine and free.

When you’re getting it on with your girl, she doesn’t want to think. She wants to get completely out of her mind and inside her body so she can FEEL pleasure. Help her do this by taking control and leading the interaction. When you lead and tell her what position to get into, what to say, or how to please you … she doesn’t have to think. She is free to feel.

She craves this, but will only let you take control when you demonstrate confidence and know how to give her pleasure. She needs to believe that submitting to your leadership will result inmore pleasure for her than she would have if she took control herself.

Once you’ve built this trust, tell her what to do while you lead her to do it.

If she’s laying on her back and you want her to roll onto her stomach, tell her to do it WHILE you take her wrist and pull her to the other side. Also, tell her what to do and what you’re about to do. For example: “Get over here and lay on your stomach. I’m going to f*ck you from behind.”

The key is to say it with certainty, clarity, and confidence. Since you’re telling her what to dobecause it’s going to lead to the most pleasure for her … there should be zero hesitation in your voice.



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