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LADIES: Before you get married to your boyfriend, make sure you do these 10 things in front of him!

5. Let your pubic hair grow wild

Legs and armpits are one thing, but bikini line? You’ve got to be kidding me. I’ve got a small shower; I have to squat for one side, hike my leg up and bend over strangely for the other side.

He’ll actually probably end up being impressed to the lengths you go to be smooth. Then there’s the other angle: let your bush go wild for a while and see his reaction. If a guy can’t love the real you then maybe he isn’t the right guy.

6. Vomit from sickness or too much tequila

This one you probably won’t be able to stop even if you want to. Sometimes when I’m throwing up I really want to be alone in my disgustingness, but sometimes I want someone to hold my hair back just like Mom used to.

If you’re ever pregnant and have really bad morning sickness, you will need help with barfing more than you know. (And for those of us with Hyperemesis Gravidarum, you may even need your husband to shoot anti-nausea meds into your thigh!)



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