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12 shocking wrestling storyline changes that could have happened (With Pictures)

7. The Black Scorpion

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In WCW in 1990, the promotion created a character that was only known by the name Black Scorpion, a character devoted to tormenting Sting. The character was supposed to be someone from Sting’s past coming back and haunting him.

He was dressed in black, wore a long robe and had a hood. The eventual blowoff of the angle took place when Sting faced the Scorpion for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship at Starrcade 90. The match stipulation was that if Sting won the match, he would find who the Scorpion really was.

When the match ended, the Scorpion was victorious and was revealed to be none other than Ric Flair. However, according to Flair, that wasn’t the original booking of the match; it was originally supposed to be Four Horsemen member Barry Windham. It was changed because all involved felt it wouldn’t have helped Windham in the long run.



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