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12 shocking wrestling storyline changes that could have happened (With Pictures)

5. Stone Cold Steve Austin proposed Hit and Run Assailant

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Fans of the WWE during the Attitude Era will recall the incident when Stone Cold Steve Austin was the victim of a hit and run backstage.

The reason for the incident was to get Austin off of television due to ongoing issues he was having with his neck. The driver at the time was unknown, leaving fans to guess the true identity of the assailant. The assailant was revealed to be Rikishi, who famously said he “Did it for The Rock.”

When it was revealed, the wind was let out of the collective sails of WWE fans. While it was a disappointing reveal, it wasn’t one of the original concepts that were tossed around. One idea was to have the driver be none other than Austin’s real-life wife at the time, Debra. It would have been an incredible heel turn for her and would have created some distance between him and her on-screen.



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