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13 celebrities who claim to have had sex with ‘Ghosts’ – this will shock you! (With Pictures)


Celebrities who claim to have had sex with ‘Ghosts’ – Did you know that there is such a thing as ghost sex? Yeah, it actually exists, although there is lots of speculation and research surrounding it. In fact, there are whole online communities dedicated to the fetish of ghost sex, also known as Spectrophilia. Ghost sex is exactly what it sounds like: being seduced by a spiritual or ghostly being and getting it on with them.


A lot of times, living humans talk about having their ghost sex initiated by a spirit, who then goes on to pleasure them. Some people even report being totally in the zone and reaching climax. You may think that it sounds scary, but most of the people who talk about ghost sex describe it as a cool or pleasurable experience. Even so, it is something to be taken seriously, and there are even guidelines about how to initiate ghost sex for yourself.

We won’t be teaching you how to do that here, but we will share with you a list of 15 Celebs Who Claimed To Have Done It with a Ghost. Now, we have seen movies like Twilight or shows like The Vampire Diaries, in which characters are charmed or seduced by supernatural being. But what if things like that happened in real life? Would you believe someone if they told you that they had had sex with a ghost or spirit? Think about that as you read through this list. Of course there are some celebs here that you might think were either high or drunk when they experienced ghost sex, but other stories are quite intriguing and riveting.

13. Wolfie


Now this one is a bit interesting, because the singers of the group Wolfie aren’t talking about being seduced by ghosts – they are talking about being ghosts to their partners. In the song “I Be Ghost,” the group proclaims “I been Casper on my b*tches” and “I been ghosted…So I be ghost.” Hmm, it seems as though this is Wolfie’s anthem to Spectrophilia, or ghost sex. Whether or not they have ever experienced being seduced by a succubus (female sexual spirit) or not remains to be seen. We do know that a lot of artists and singers like to allude to ghostly or spiritual encounters. Just listen to Katy Perry’s song “E.T.” or watch the Demi Moore–Patrick Swayze film Ghost. Even Kesha has admitted that she has gone to the “bone zone” with a very sexy ghost who pleasured her. So whether or not Wolfie is being totally true and saying that they’ve ghosted someone or been ghosted, there are plenty of celebs who actually have.



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