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15 Celebs who aren’t as tough as you people think… You’ll be surprised! (With Pictures)


Celebs who aren’t as tough as you people think – These celebrities often make headlines for their personas, which one can easily mistake for being tough, aggressive, and even unapproachable. You see, most famous people want people to think that they are often seen as something they are not; Lady Gaga clearly wasn’t born to wear meat outfits around New York City, was she? Would it shock you to know that she’s a great cook and that she actually enjoys a quiet lifestyle, with her future plans, including marriage and a family?


That’s not something that you’d expect from someone like Gaga, who shares a completely different side of herself when she’s in character mode — and that’s really what it’s like for many celebrities in Hollywood. It’s almost as if they put up this front that they are tough and aggressive because it makes them seem more respectable in the industry that they are in.

But, of course, there are also those who just look aggressive and mean by default; they just happen to have that look about them that triggers your mind to tell you it’s better to keep some distance. Again — these celebs that look tough are actually very sweet, which you will see below. Tell us your thoughts on whether these celebrities are putting up an act in trying to portray themselves to be tougher than they really are.

15. Lady Gaga

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While she has quite the reputation for being a feisty singer when she’s on tour, promoting one of her many successful albums, Lady Gaga, real name Stefani Germanotta, is far from the persona she portrays herself to be when she’s channeling her stage name. The “Poker Face” has often stressed that when she’s not working, one can usually find her at home, cooking, and living the most simplistic life — one that even fans wouldn’t believe. You’d think that someone who portrays themselves to be this tough person would own their own house, right? Well, Gaga actually stayed with her parents until they eventually forced her to get her own place in 2011 — after all, she already had more than $100 million in her bank account. But according to Gaga, she wanted to live with her parents because she loves being around family; the people that care about her the most. Aww.



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