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10 terrifying facts about the Bermuda Triangle (With Pictures)

8. Some Believe It To Be A Time Portal

What is believed to be a, “time storm” might be the most frightening phenomenon of all, and despite its unbelievable stigma — at least it offers some sort of explanation.

Bruce Gernon is a pilot, turned author, who is mainly responsible for the theories that revolve around the, “time storm.” Although in his eyes, these allegations are far from theoretical. Gernon spent 31 years of his life trying to piece together the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle. He became obsessed with this topic, simply because he experienced the impossible while travelling within the airspace of the triangle.

Gernon recalls flying in his plane and then entering what he calls, “electronic fog.” He believe’s that the disappearances mainly revolve around this fog taking, and capturing entire ships and aircraft. He remembers escaping the time storm through a tunnel vortex and when he emerged from it—he was fast-forwarded 30 minutes in time and 100 miles forward.

Although not many people believe that Gernon’s experience is a genuine one— others have confirmed witnessing similar effects conform in the sky and then disappear.



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